Hot Sauce Challenge with the Brother

We walked into a hot sauce shop & museum and my brother Taha and I both tried the 3rd hottest sauce in the world. It was 7M scoville!!! (3x the Carolina Reaper)

This was his reaction …

So then the manager gave him some intense horseradish that hit him straight in the nostrils

Then, I tried it. This was my reaction…

Sometimes I wonder if Taha and I are actually related.

6.13.21 of #HappyDays

Another day of hiking at Smoky Mountains

Munib & Safa left today. They were only in TN for about a day and a half, but I’m grateful they were able to make it

Naush, Lily, Taha and I fly back to Houston tomorrow, and my parents will drive the RV back.

It’s been a restorative week, and I’m saddened as our trip is coming to an end.

But I am excited to get back home to my fur babies. I’ve been away from them for too long. Miss you Aloo, Boti, Alfy, and Bae!

6.12.21 of #HappyDays

Waterfalls & white water rafting in TN

It was my first time white water rafting and the thrill of the rapids was truly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

We went on an intermediate rafting trip, but I would love to experience an advanced one day (with a guide, though).

I’m definitely hooked, and I think the Smoky Mountains was the absolute best backdrop for my first time.

6.7.21 of #HappyDays

We made it to Orange Beach!

Ten hours + with a toddler in the car was something I was extremely worried about, but Lily did amazing.

Here’s a few things we did that made the trip so much easier:

1. We took an RV! Highly recommend with children

2. Stretch breaks at parks

3. iPad: fully charged & some videos were downloaded in case we hit patches of no signal

4. Lots of toys

5. Coloring books & sticker books

6. Lots of snacks

7. Nap times and sleep times all planned out

8. White noise app on my phone to help Lily sleep

6.6.21 of #HappyDays

Packing for an adventure!

Been feeling a bit burnt out, so taking a trip tomorrow to Destin, FL as our first stop & then the Smoky Mountains!

I live to travel, and not being able to as much during the pandemic has been really tough.

Thankful to be vaccinated & for the opportunity to explore one of my fav beaches and mountains with Lily.