My Friend’s Story

Hi, my name is Tamina, and I’m fundraising for my brother in-law Amin 38 survived by his wife Meryem 33, and their surviving children Suheyl 3 and Lale 7 effected by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that took place Monday February 6th, 2023 which has killed thousands in Turkiye and Syria including my brother in-law Amin and his two young daughters Bahar 10 and Fariheh 7. 

My brother in law along with his wife and 4 young children the oldest being 10 and their youngest being just 3 years old were trapped under the rubble of the apartment building they were living in since 5am Monday February 6th, 2023. Aid workers didn’t reach them until February 7th 1pm. 

Aid workers were able to finally rescue my sister in-law and two of their children Lale 9 and Suheyl 3 to safety after working over 10 hours. Unfortunately, by the time they reached my brother in-law and his daughters Bahar 10 and Fariheh 7 they confirmed they have passed away. My brother in law and his family left Afghanistan to escape the cruelty of the Taliban so that he may build a better life for his children in Turkiye, only to be faced by this devastating tragedy.

My sister in-law is in critical condition, the doctors had to amputate her leg above the knee. Their daughter Lale and son Suheyl are also in need of surgery. My husband is will reach Turkey Adiyaman to meet his surviving brother Yamma and his family who have also been affected, to retrieve their brother Amin and nieces bodies from under the rubble for burial. 

We are hoping to use these funds to help as many families as we can with housing, food, medical expenses and everything else they will need. The entire city is in ruins and almost all families including our own need to be transported to other cities near by that have not been affected by the earthquake. 

Please keep my family and those effected in your prayers.

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