Thank You

The outpouring of love & support on social media has truly been incredible…

I could not reply to every person that reached out, but thank you.

The initial shock and horror of the Pitbull attack has faded away, and now I’m left in stage 4 of grief: depression

Jojo is gone, and she’s not coming back.

Jojo was a Texas born and raised red kangaroo, and I truly cared for her like a child.

I wore her in a pouch, changed her diapers and bottle fed her.

My daughter lily is an only child and would often refer to jojo as her sister.

Unfortunately, there is no timeline for grief nor is healing a linear process.

Some days are harder than others without her, and while I know one day, her loss will become easier to bare—

I also know that I will spend every single day of the rest of my life missing her.

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