I had a decision to make…

Do I go, or do I stay?

It hadn’t even been a week since one of my farm animals JoJo passed away, but we had a family trip booked to Puerto Vallarta.

It was my brother-in-law’s 30th birthday celebration, including a beachfront villa, private chefs, yacht, DJ, and more.

By not going, I’d be missing arguably the greatest birthday celebration that I’ll ever be invited to, but by going…

By going, I’d deny myself the time and space to properly heal from her death, which had been extremely traumatic for our family.

A pitbull had broken into our yard and killed Jojo, a female red kangaroo that we’d raised since she was a baby.

She wasn’t just an “animal.” She was family, so ultimately, I opted to stay home.

And I’m glad I did.

Lots of tears were shed this weekend in her honor.

Lots of time was spent outside where she once lived.

Lots of healing happened with my little family as we spent time together and honored her memory.

And to be honest, I’m kind of proud of myself, because I typically don’t “sit with my pain.” I like to push it away and pretend it doesn’t exist.

But not anymore….

And that’s on self-growth.

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