When my daughter Lily was two months old, I experienced something that most new parents fear: a colicky newborn

She turns four next month, but I’ll never forget how hard she used to cry from 8pm to 11pm every night.

Naush & I would try anything and everything to console her—but with nothing to show for our efforts.

Once she was a little over three months, the colic subsided, but lately, it feels like we are going through it again—except this time, with an older kid.

She whines and cries over anything and everything, all day long, and I know that I’m largely to blame.

I spoiled her so much, and also, I remind myself that this is normal.

Still, if I don’t nip this in the bud now, I’ll have a much larger problem to deal with down the line…

I have to somehow become more firm with her, but she walks all over Naush & I.

She’s an only kid, and she knows we have a very, very hard time saying no to her.

I hate seeing her cry. It physically hurts me to see her upset, but lately, it’s been feeling like nothing I do will get her to stop.

I have to set firm rules, boundaries and limits with her—no matter how hard it is.

Can any other mamas relate? Any advice?

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