9.7.21 of #HappyDays

Today, someone else’s happiness brought me incredible joy—and literal tears to my eyes

I do not know this person in real life, but I have prayed for her immensely

Let me explain

Nabela is a blogger that I admire immensely and is a huge inspiration for my own work.

It was last Ramadan when I saw she had posted about her struggle with infertility

During prayer—I do not know what came over me—but I made the most heartfelt dua (prayer) for her to be blessed with a baby.

Have you ever made a prayer that you knew was immediately accepted by God?

I felt literal chills in my body—and in my heart and soul, I knew Nabela would become a mother soon.

I even sent her a DM about this, and soon after, we became mutuals on TikTok.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, Nabela opened up about a miscarriage she experienced.

I was heartbroken seeing her story, and I was also confused.

I had faith in God. Why did this happen when I knew in my heart and soul that she would have a baby soon?

And sure enough, when I opened Instagram today, I saw this.


Praying for a safe & healthy pregnancy and labor ahead for this beautiful soul.

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