9/11 Video Backlash

Let us take a moment of silence for those that lost their life on 9/11.

Let us also take a moment of silence for those that lost their life as a result of 9/11.

I never expected to cause as much controversy as I did with my TikTok video, which discussed the backlash Muslim-Americans experienced post September 11th, but it clearly caused a reaction.

Some were supportive of Muslims and my message, many questioned why I chose 9/11 to discuss this topic instead of solely focusing on the deceased victims, and some hurled racist remarks with an incredulous degree of boldness.

Worse was the amount of “likes” those racist comments received.

I had to take a step away from social media after reading some of the hateful messages, but essentially, I was told “Muslims aren’t American” and “go back home.”

Well, for me—home is Houston, Texas. I was born & raised in Houston, and I have never moved away.

I was in 5th grade when the attacks took place on 9/11, and I’ve been apologizing for my religion & culture since that day. I’ve carried (along with other Muslims & Sikhs) the weight of a crime I did not commit, and to this day, I worry when discussing my religion openly.

The actions of a few do not define the whole. As much as the media wants to smear the image of Islam, I stand by the statement that it is a religion of peace.

Spend a day with any devout Muslim & you’ll see.


Sania Khiljee

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