Lovevery Unboxing: 16-18 Month Box

I have been subscribed to Lovevery ever since Lily was an infant. For us, sensory play boxes hold a special meaning, because before my daughter was born, we actually co-founded a company called Bumble Brain Box, which was a subscription box for baby brain development. We sold the business due to some health issues I was facing at the time, but now we love experiencing as many sensory play boxes with Lily as we can. We’ve tried many of them, including Koala Crate and will do a comparison in a separate post.

Now, let’s get to the box!


Lily loved “unboxing” the items, and we will share each learning toy below.

  1. Threadable Bead Kit

2. Shapes Puzzle

3. Car Ramp 

4. Fuzzy Bug Shrub

5. Simon Says Cube

6. Organic Cotton Ball

7. Books 

8. Wooden Compact Mirror

9. Playthings Storage Box

10. Mouse in a Sack 

11. Drawstring Bag


While this hasn’t been our favorite box (the 12-15 month box was epic), Lily was EXTREMELY stimulated by the contents of this month’s Lovevery box. She’s older now and appreciates independent play a lot more, and as her mother, it gives me so much joy to watch her explore each of the toys on her own. I revel in her reactions.

She absolutely adored the car ramp, the fuzzy bug shrub, the puzzle, and the beads. She loved the books too, of course. My baby girl loves to read, which is awesome because her mama is a children’s book author.

What I appreciate most about the box, though, is the guide that comes with it. The guide book includes monthly milestones, tips for parents to encourage their little one’s development, instructions on how to play with each item, and alternate activity ideas to stimulate your child.

This is all I do for work. I own a preschool, after all, but that doesn’t mean I “know it all.” I absolutely adore how well-thought out this product is, and I’ll continue to enjoy it with Lily until she outgrows it.

Expensive, yes? Worth the price? I think so.

You can get the box here.

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