Who Inspires me the Most?

My father immigrated to the US from Pakistan during college & began to attend school at the University of Houston.

He later graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering, but right as he graduated, the economy collapsed and he was unable to find a job in his field.

He began to sell insurance—but he was the only person of color in his company, and this led to conflict with his co-workers.

He was let go, so he ended up starting his own insurance company.

At the time, all he had enough money for was a phone and one month’s rent…

He had a wife and baby (me) that were dependent on him, and I remember growing up in his office.

Well, from that single office unit selling insurance—my dad has built a multi-million empire of various companies.

When faced with a challenge, he does not give up.

He’s extremely creative and is constantly coming up with new business ideas.

Even in his 60s, he hustles harder than almost everyone else I know…

And every single day, it is my father who inspires me to be the best I can.

One thought on “Who Inspires me the Most?

  1. Sending all the love to you and your dad!! Would love to know more in detail about how did he do that! It would be so helpful for people like me who are in their early 20s. Thank you Sania for sharing his story in brief. Would also love a blog on life advices from your mum and dad for young people.

    With love from India,
    Falak J.

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