Happy Days Challenge

Last year was extremely difficult for me.

I was at an all-time low when I realized there was 100 days left in 2019—meaning I had exactly 100 days left in the decade.

I decided to make a deal with myself.

For 100 days, I would post one thing a day that made me happy.

When I started doing this, I realized there already existed a challenge online called #100HappyDays

So everyday, I posted.

Some days, I knew exactly what made me smile.

Other days were more difficult.

Some days, the only “good thing” about the day was that I survived…

But I continued through it.

Slowly but surely, a change began to take place in my brain.

I re-wired my mind to look for the good in everyday—and more than just look for it—I learned to create it.

I made “happiness” a daily goal. I actively worked toward it versus expecting it to show up at my doorstep one day.

And since then, I’ve continued to post one thing that makes me happy every single day.

I urge you to try it.

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