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Who are you? 

Hey, this is Sania Khiljee, a family & lifestyle blogger @SaniasFamily across all social media platforms, the author of “Brown Girls are Beautiful” on Amazon, and a serial entrepreneur. I’ve been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and Huffington Post, and I’ve written for Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and Addicted2Success. I’ve built a 7 figure business, amassed over 1 million followers, co-authored a bestselling book, and spoken on stages across the country, including TEDx.

I’m proud of being a Pakistani-American Muslim woman, wife to Naush, mother to Lily, daughter, sister, and friend, and I live on a farm in Houston, Texas with my animals, including a pet kangaroo, miniature horse, pygmy goat, and cats.

How Can I follow you on social media? 

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What is your book about? 

Brown Girls are Beautiful” is a children’s book. Layla, a brown girl, becomes self-conscious of playing in the sun after hearing another child make a comment about her dark skin color. Layla’s mother then takes her daughter on a journey of self-love. This book is a perfect gift for children to teach diversity.

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How do I contact Sania Khiljee? (Collabs, Questions, Business Partnerships, Etc.) 

Please email sania@loserstolegends.com

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  1. Hey sania so proud of who you have become. Your so strong and very inspirational. Make me stronger and a better person. I follow u on tiktok. I enjoy seeing your journey. Mashallah ur daughter is beautiful Allah bless u and ur child a great naseeb. I ordered your book and cant wait to experience it.

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