How Do You Become Happier?

I was at my lowest point in 2019, following the birth of my daughter.

I love my child and motherhood deeply, but I was ill-prepared for how dark postpartum depression could get.

Every day was harder than the one before, and there came a point where I lost all hope.

This time period coincided with the end of the decade.

There were 100 days left in 2019, and for some reason, that mattered to me.

I did not want to go into 2020 depressed, so I started a simple challenge:

I’d post one thing that made me happy a day for the next 100 days.

Turns out, someone had already come up with this challenge and titled it #100HappyDays, so I tried it out.

At first, it was quite simple. I posted fun photos from each day, but it was as I got deeper into the challenge that it became more complex.

There were really hard days, and my “happy moment” was a simple five minute coffee break…

There were other days that were unremarkable, and there was no “one moment” that I could pinpoint that made me happy.

I had to become intentional about making myself happy daily, and that’s when things began to change for me.

I planned my week out based on the what I wanted my happy moment to be.

I became responsible for my own happiness—and made it a priority.

I also held myself accountable for my happiness by posting daily.

This shift, though it seems so small, has been truly life changing, and my 100 days of happiness has turned into a lifetime practice.

Is this a challenge you would try? What’s a practice that you’ve incorporated that’s made you happier? 

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