What Do You do if You’re Tired of Failing?

“Stop wasting time on social media” is what I was told over and over again.

It was a distraction—and if I wanted to be successful, I should focus on a real career—and while it was tempting to give up, I couldn’t.

I couldn’t stop, because content creation wasn’t an end goal for me.

It was (and continues to be) my life.

I am storyteller at heart, and social media is my medium.

2015 is when I started, and since then, I’ve put in hours and hours every single day.

While my followers grew, my income did not…

Despite building over 100k followers on IG, 600k followers on TikTok, and 1M followers on Facebook, I wasn’t making much money.

I felt like a failure.

Insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.” -Einstein

Then, I decided to try something different.

Instead of focusing on what I didn’t have, which were reliable streams of income from social media, I focused on what my perfect future would look like.

I’d often heard of the Law of Attraction, but it wasn’t until I put it into practice that I became a true believer in the power of visualization exercises.

I imagined signing with a talent agency.

I imagined building long-term partnerships with brands that I truly loved.

I even imagined what it would look like to hit a million followers on IG & TikTok, and while this hasn’t come true yet, the first two have.

If you’re beginning to feel frustrated by constant failure, try to change your focus.

Focus on what you will achieve—versus focusing on what you haven’t achieved yet.

It’s a slight shift, but it’s the most powerful shift that you will ever make.

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