I Need Help…

I’m usually an open book, but there’s one thing I haven’t talked about yet…

It’s not because I’m ashamed or worried about what people might think

It’s because I genuinely don’t understand what is going on or why, so I hope that by talking about this publicly, I might be able to get some answers:

I sometimes feel like I’m someone else

Like literally–an identity that is entirely different than my own

I’m a Pakistani-American Muslim girl that lives in Texas, has a toddler, and is happily. married, but often, I’ll experience intense flashes of someone else’s life, which will last sometimes a few seconds to a few hours:

An extremely introverted teenage boy (caucasian) who lives with an alcoholic / abusive single father 

A different gender. A different race. A different family dynamic.

We literally don’t have any similarities, yet from time to time, It’ll be like I’m seeing through his eyes. I’m experiencing something even though I’m not there…

I know this sounds crazy, and maybe that’s just it.

Maybe I’m literally insane, but there has to be a better explanation than that.

Who is he?

I don’t believe in past lives, but it sure as hell feels like one. 

I’ve been seeing these flashes of his life since high school–so intensely in fact that I wrote an entire book based on his character

I used to think it was just a character I made up in my head, but it feels like so much more. It feels like I am him–but I’m also me. It’s hard to explain.

Is he even real? 

I don’t know, and so far, my therapist doesn’t have a solid explanation for this either.

But it’s something we are going to explore deeper next time we talk.

2 thoughts on “I Need Help…

  1. I feel like You are an empath. And when that Happens it’s easy to take someone else’s pain and make it your own. You might not even know it but you feel his pain through everything that you do. Also our unconscious can store a lot of things and when we least expect they tend to come out. Maybe you have met or heard his story and since your opening up so much of your life that one is coming up for you to share as well.

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