What Was the Moment I Realized I was in Love?

I had a crush on him in high school, but did I really know him?


I just though he was extremely good looking, funny and friendly.

Me on the other hand…

I was the nerdy, emo girl, so I thought I didn’t stand a chance with him.

I never even tried and was absolutely devastated when one of my friends got into a relationship with him—one of my closest friends, actually.

Upon graduating high school, I saw him around maybe once every few years.

For some reason, I vividly remember every encounter I have had with him, time and location.

I wasn’t single anymore, though, and I don’t know whether he was or not during those moments.

It was after graduating college that we bumped into each other again at a friend’s party.

The group of people vibed well, so we planned a few more hangouts.

Naush & I got a chance to see each other more and more, and every time our friends were done hanging out, we would find an excuse to hang out a little bit longer.

One day, we went out to eat at a Thai food restaurant with friends.

After they left, I—pushed Naush into a sprinkler.

It was a childish prank, but he pushed me back.

From there, we found a community swimming pool, which we broke into, and jumped in with all of our clothes still on.

We laughed like kids, and when we saw security pass us by, we hid in the water slides.

After that, we found a park, and we belly flopped down the slide and straight into the mud.

We were dripping in both water and dirt but having the time of our lives and ended the date with tacos.

I knew then that I’d never had more fun with a person, and I never would be able to top this.

He was the one.

And I was in love.

So was he, and here we are, 7.5 years later, married and still as crazy.

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