How to Start Meditating

For the longest time, I simply didn’t understand meditation…

Were you supposed to just sit quietly for a while?

Sounded boring to me, and I could never seem to sit still or calm my mind.

Then, one day, I went to dinner with an old man.

He was in his 80s and talked about the impact that meditation had on his life, so I gave it another try.

This time, however, I started with guided meditation.

Instead of just sitting still, trying to clear my mind, and/or focus on my breath, I gave myself one simple task:

Listen to the guided meditation, and if your mind begins to wander, gently re-direct your attention back to the audio

I did this for a few minutes a day—and then steadily for longer and longer.

I noticed I started to “distance” myself from my thoughts. It’s hard to explain, but it’s like I could see my thoughts pass by like clouds instead of being “in” the clouds—

This had a huge impact on my mental health, emotional regulation, attention and focus, and more.

Check out my guided meditation playlist here

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