Which Trend do I Regret Following?

I thought by following this “trend,” I was doing something positive—but I was only hurting myself

And to this day, I see many people following this “trend,” and I hope by sharing my story, I can help at least one person.

Let me explain.

After graduating college, I began to follow a lot of entrepreneurs on social media…

Their posts included “hustle and grind,” “24/7/365,” “sleep is for the weak,” and more.

There was this culture forming online of entrepreneurs working harder than anyone and everyone—nonstop hustle—and there became a sense of pride around putting in the absolute most work

The more I saw posts like this, the more the “entrepreneurial trend of hustle and grind” permeated my self conscious, and while I will never say that hard work was a mistake—

the extremity of the hustle culture is certainly toxic.

I pushed myself towards burnout several times.

I destroyed my mind, body, and soul chasing money, because I felt a certain number would help validate me and my success

Disclaimer: it didn’t

I have started 6 and 7 figure businesses, but at the cost of my mental and physical health

and it took getting to this point to realize that without health, one has nothing

so I took a step back and have begun to build a balanced business, one around my life and family, one that I can take breaks from when needed, and one that I’m so passionate about that it truly doesn’t even feel like work

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