My Skincare Routine

I get the question of what my skin care routine is all the time, so I figured I would break it down!

I worked with Madhavi from Droplette to come up with a step by step process based on my skin type!


Here’s what she suggested:

The Droplette is a device that turns skincare serums into a mist that absorbs 20 cell layers deep into the skin…

I use it daily—paired with Glycolic, Collagen, and Retinol as suggested by Madhavi below:

1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Ex: cetaphil

2. Use your Droplette capsules

3. Apply sunscreen (during the day) and moisturizer if you’d like in the eveningYou can apply makeup afterwards.

I have a sample calendar below to get started:

Sunday: Collagen + Glycolic

Monday: Collagen

Tuesday: Collagen + Retinol

Wednesday: Collagen

Thursday: Collagen + Glycolic (or Retinol)

Friday: Collagen

Saturday: Collagen

If your skin can tolerate it, feel free to increase the glycolic and retinol frequency over time 🙂

Here are some details on our capsule formulations:

The Droplette 10.0% Collagen Capsule Pack helps return your skin to a youthful, juicy state of supple hydration. Featuring Argireline to deliver the lifting effect of injectables, as well as two other peptides to improve firmness, this formula makes skin look visibly plump even on the longest of days.

Why it works:
Featuring essential Collagen as well as Argireline to deliver the lifting effect of injectables, this formula makes skin look visibly plump even on the longest of days. With two advanced peptides to improve firmness, and vitamin C antioxidants and turmeric to keep skin healthy, this formula is our favorite for high-performance daily maintenance. Pairs well with both Retinol and Glycolic for targeted regimens.

The Droplette 0.15% Retinol formulation visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles, starting from below the skin’s surface.

Why it works:
Derived from vitamin A, retinol is known among dermatologists to revitalize skin by stimulating cellular turnover to iron out visible creases and improve texture. Paired with skin-evening arbutin and a soothing blend of rose oil and collagen, these capsules leave your skin looking younger and more even, without sensitivity or irritation.

The Droplette 8.0% Glycolic Set reveals your skin’s natural luminosity and clears away blemishes, while healing active imperfections

Why it works:
With a trifecta of AHA, BHA, and PHA exfoliants (including gluconolactone) combined with skin-restoring Niacinamide, this professional-strength formula makes skin baby soft. You will feel your complexion brightening and healing beneath the surface. As dead skin cells slough away, dermatologist-loved Tripeptide-1 repairs visible signs of sun exposure, for immediate and long-term clarifying effects.

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