Photo Timeline of Me & Naush’s Relationship

Because I’m a Pakistani-Muslim American girl, dating before marriage—and PDA—are taboo. I wasn’t willing to risk the wrath of society, so my husband & I more or less kept our relationship low-key in the beginning. We have very few pictures together pre-engagement.

Once we got engaged, however, we got the photo shoot of our dreams:

The Engagement Day

Engagement Photo Shoot Day. It was at a vintage, jet-setter themed photo shoot with airplanes and cars at a historic airport terminal.

We also go this photo a few days before our wedding:

Here are our photos of the wedding itself:

The Mendhi Day

The Shaadi/Wedding Day

The Honeymoon at Grand Cayman Islands—swimming with stingrays

At this point, we didn’t care how much PDA we showed. We were married!

And since then…

My Sister’s Wedding Day

Our Pregnancy Photo Shoot

And finally, a little family photo shoot with our baby girl…

And yes, we packed it with PDA

(Sorry, Aunties)

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